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Kate Forysth

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I'm glad you've come to visit me. Here is where you can find out all sorts of things about my books and about me too: what I'm reading, what I'm writing, and what I like to do – apart from creating books which are filled with history, suspense, romance and magic!

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A unique collection presenting Kate Forsyth's extensive academic research into the 'Rapunzel' fairy tale, alongside several other pieces related to fairy tales and folklore. 

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THE BEAST'S GARDEN is a retelling of the Grimm brothers' 'Beauty & the Beast' fairy tale, set amongst the underground resistance to Hitler in Berlin during the cataclysmic years of World War II.

Two selkie storues
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Two beautiful traditional Scottish fairy tales, ‘The Selkie Bride’ and ‘In the Kingdom of the Seals’, are brought to enchanting and haunting new life by two creators who are themselves eerily linked to the magical world of the shape-shifting selkies.

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Four unlikely heroes
Four mysterious gifts
Four impossible tasks
Five thrilling books

The Impossible Quest is set in the far away land of Wolfhaven. It tells the story of four friends who are forces into undertaking an impossible quest to try and awaken the legendary sleeping warriors of the past.