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The Wildkin's Curse

The Wildkins Curse

  • Title: The Wildkin's Curse
  • First Published: May 2010
  • Publisher: Pan MacMillan Australia
  • ISBN: 978-0-330-42605-3
  • Pages: 377

Zedrin is a starkin lord and heir to the Castle of Estelliana.
Merry is a hearthkin boy, the son of the rebel leader.
Liliana is a wildkin girl, with uncanny magical powers.

Time-honoured enemies, these three must journey together on a secret mission to rescue a wildkin princess kept captive in a crystal tower. Princess Rozalina is not only imprisoned, but also muzzled. She has the power to enchant with words – she can conjure up a plague of rats or wish the dead out of their graves. When she casts a curse, it has such power it will change her world forever.

The Wildkin's Curse is a book about the power of stories to set us free.


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