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Cover art by Mitch Vane

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  • Title: Dragongold
  • Series: Ben and Tim's Magical Misadventures Book 1
  • First Published: August 2005
  • Publisher: Pan MacMillan Australia
  • ISBN: 9780330421935
  • Pages: 64


With these magic words, I begin my spell.
Hear me, first star, hear me well.
Send me dragon's gold, from the days of old.
The spell has been cast, let the magic last.

Ben wants to get a dog. Badly. But his mum says they'll have to move to a bigger house first, and they can't afford it. So Ben, his brother Tim and their friend James decide to find some dragon's gold. They have to meddle with magic to do it, though, and that is always a dangerous thing to do.

Next thing they know a fire-breathing dragon has kidnapped James sister Sarah and they have to find some way of rescuing her without getting fried! They're in for a marvellous magical misadventure.