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BOOK LIST: My favourite novels set in Tudor Times

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

This week on the blog I have reviewed Nancy Bilyeau's novel of Tudor intrigue, conspiracy and romance, 'The Crown', and  later in the week I'll be interviewing her. 

I have to admit one of my absolute favourite periods of history is Tudor times - all the bloodshed, torture, lust and murder - what's not to love?

It was Jean Plaidy who began my fascination with this period of time. I loved all her books about Henry VIII and his wives, the young Elizabeth I, and Mary, Queen of Scots.

I must dig out all my old Jean Plaidys and read them again! I think it was her novels that really sparked by passionate love of historical fiction.

However, we have to credit Philippa Gregory with the current craze for Tudor novels. I really love her work! My favourites? 'The Queen's Fool' and 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. Brilliant storytelling!

I have also been really enjoying the murder mysteries by British writer C. J. Sansom, set during the reign of Henry VIII, and featuring a hunchbacked yet indomitable lawyer  Matthew Shardlake:

A few books I absolutely adore that you may not be familiar with are:

'The Queen's Own Fool' by Jane Yolen, which is a brilliant YA novel abut Mary, Queen of Scots:

'A Traveller in Time' by Alison Uttley which I first read when I was about eleven years old, and which I have revered ever since. Its a classic of children's time travel adventures, delicately done, about a girl who slips back and forth in time while staying in an old farmhouse, and finds herself caught up in the infamous Babington plot to free Mary, Queen of Scots:

Another book set in Tudor times that I enjoyed hugely recently is the historical thriller, 'The Tudor Secret' by C. W Gortner:

Happy Tudor reading!

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