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Thursday, December 31, 2015

I spent quite a lot of time on planes last month, which meant I had plenty of time for reading (the best thing about spending so much time in airports and hotels!) I read eight books in total, with my usual mix of fiction and non-fiction (not counting research tomes!)


For readers of Proof of Heaven, this is the astonishing true story of a woman who possesses an extraordinary gift: Laura Lynne Jackson is a psychic medium, able to converse with souls from the other side. In The Light Between Us, she tells her story of how she struggled with her abilities, and even denied them, for many years. 

She explains how she ultimately found peace through a scientificunderstanding of her gift, and discovered that she could help people come to terms with loss. And she shares the deeply affecting lessons she has learned in her work, teaching us what she has come to understand about the universe in order to help us live better lives in the here and now.


A fascinating memoir from a young American woman who first began to realise she had psychic talents when she was a child. Her story chronicles her struggle to understand her gift, her search to learn to use it wisely, and some anecdotes of the many people who she has helped along the way. 

Simply and beautifully told, Laura Lynne Jackson has tried hard to find a new vocabulary for her strange and uncanny experiences (though the book is, of course, laden with phrases such as ‘the Other Side’ and ‘spirits crossing’, which may set off sceptics’ alarm bells).

Some of the most fascinating chapters are on the scientific tests she has submitted to in order to better understand and validate her gifts ... and the book is filled with a quiet wisdom that will resonate even with those who do not believe in an afterlife. 

What do YOU believe?  I would love to get your feedback on this book.

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