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INTERVIEW: Suzy Duffy, author of Wellesley Wives

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I’m appearing at a panel called ‘The Spirit of Romance’ at the Sydney Writers Festival this Thursday, along with the fabulous Suzy Duffy, Rachael Treasure and Amanda Hooton.

Suzy Duffy has travelled to Sydney all the way from the small town of Wellesley in the US. She had built a national radio, television and writing career in her native Ireland before emigrating to Wellesley, which inspired her latest book Wellesley Wives (the first of a four-book New England series). 

This funny and romantic book made the Amazon Kindle top 100, within two weeks of being published, and won 10th place in the US Bestsellers List 2012. Romantic comedy is how she sees life.

For more information about our event, go here

What is your latest novel all about, Suzy? 

Wellesley Wives is a romantic comedy about four Boston women who seem to have everything but then it all comes crashing down. They move from Ferraris and fine art to working in a boathouse in Banagher (in the middle of Ireland.) However, that’s where they discover their true worth and inner strength (because I think we gals have incredible chutzpah when we need it!)  Naturally Ireland is awash with gorgeous, brooding Celtic types just waiting to be saved by stranded suddenly-singles. It’s a rollicking ride through America, Ireland and Mexico and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. 

How did you get the first idea for it?
It’s true; art imitates life. I live in Wellesley and one lovely sunny day I saw a woman (who looked like Goldie Hawn) driving a spanking new red Ferrari – top down - of course. She looked happy. I hated her.  I was in my jam-stained, kid-smeared, dog-moving, SUV.  Then, as I drove home with Barney drowning out the noise of my kids fighting, I began to imagine Goldie’s life... maybe it wasn’t as great as it looked on the surface.  Maybe there were lots of things about to go wrong. What if everything she knew was about to fall apart?  I got home and started writing.

What do you love most about writing?
I love making women laugh. It’s a fantastic thing to do. I love writing funny stories, at home in my quiet little study and then hearing from women all over the world who enjoyed them, laughed out loud and perhaps shared them with their friends, mothers or daughters.  What a fantastic job!

What are the best 5 books you’ve read recently?

Waghhh, I hate this question. I feel like I should have five classic, high-brow tomes at my fingertips but I don’t.  I’ve read Anna Karenina and War & Peace, but I prefer to laugh.  I particularly love Irish writers even though I live in America because, being Irish, I share their humour.

From Ireland, I really loved Melissa Hill - Something from Tiffany’s.  

Patricia Scanlon’s new book - With All My Love had me crying as well as laughing . 

In the USA, Claire Cook - The Wildwater Walking Club was great too. 
Chelsea Handler’s, Hello Vodka had me in tears with laughter! 
For Australian humour, I’m reading and loving Amanda Hooton, Finding Mr. Darcy just now. It’s full of laughs!

What lies ahead of you in the next year?

It’s a bit manic but that’s good.  I’ll continue to promote Wellesley Wives in Australia, Austin - Texas and New York this year.  It’ll be published in Norwegian in the Autumn, so may be there for that but I’ve been invited to California too, so I think I’ll have to choose one or the other. No one can do everything...  

Newton Neighbors will be published in September. It’s the second book in the New England Trilogy and things will ramp up a gear and then I also need to get the first draft of Lincoln Ladies (book 3) into my Publishers by December 2013!

All this and I have five beautiful children and my husband at home.  It’s gonna be busy but I love busy. 

Did I mention that 10% of my royalties go to Friends of Boston's Homeless so it’s comedy with a cause.  You’re doing good when you buy a Suzy Duffy Book! As they say in the USA... it’s all good! (Unless you look like Goldie Hawn – LOL.)

Love Suzy

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