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SPOTLIGHT: The Starkin Crown by Kate Forsyth

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Today is Christmas Day, and I thought I would celebrate by giving away three signed copies of THE STARKIN CROWN, the children's book I most associate with the Yuletide season.

The Starkin Crown is a fantasy adventure for readers aged 12 and above, which tells the story of a boy who must overcome treachery, heartache and his own secret weakness in order to find the lost spear of the Storm King that will help him fulfill his destiny as the true king of all. 

Peregrine is the son of King Merry and Queen Liliana. With the blood of wildkin, hearthkin and starkin in his veins, he is heir to both the Erlqueen of Stormlinn and the starkin throne – except that the crown was seized before his birth by his grandfather’s cruel cousin Vernisha. Many prophecies have foretold that he is the one who will at last break the starkin’s ruthless reign and bring peace to the land, but his parents fear the prophecies and try to keep him safe. 

One day a starkin girl arrives with a warning. Queen Vernisha’s army approaches Stormlinn Castle under cover of a snowstorm, hoping to find the wildkin busy celebrating the midwinter solstice. Peregrine’s parents prepare to defend the castle, but send Peregrine to safety at the Erlrune of Evenlinn. Lady Grizelda, the starkin girl, begs to accompany him. They set out into the snowy forest with Peregrine’s faithful squire and food taster, Jack, an escort of soldiers, and the old wildkin woman Stiga, who can shapeshift into an owl and can sometimes see the future. 

Almost at once, a hunter with two bloodhounds is on their trail. Peregrine’s escort is killed defending him, and the three young people are on their own in the Perilous Forest, with no-one but Stiga to guide them. She does not take them to the Erlrune, however, but leads them towards the very danger they were meant to be fleeing. It is time, she says, to find the lost spear of thunder. 

Yet someone near them is a spy. Stormlinn Castle is betrayed and Peregrine’s parents taken prisoner, and Peregrine himself must overcome deceit, attempted murder, and treason. However, when he meets Molly, the lame daughter of the Marsh King, suddenly it seems as if his quest may succeed …

You can read about my inspiration for THE STARKIN CROWN here - if you'd like to win a copy, simply create a beautiful meme from one of my quotes and post it on Facebook or Twitter (don't forget to tag me so I can share!) The most beautiful and creative memes will win (for inspiration, look at my Pinterest page where past memes have been pinned).

The competition will run for twelve days, from 24th December 2015 to 4th January 2016, and is open to anyone in the world. The more you do to spread the word about my books, and the more beautifully and creatively you do it, the more likely you are to win! Email me your entries to and i will post the winning entries on my blog.


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