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THE 50/50 PROJECT: Finishing my Doctorate & Publishing my Exegesis

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

THE 50/50 PROJECT: Finishing my Doctorate & Publishing my Exegesis


My novel BITTER GREENS was written as the creative component of a Doctorate in Creative Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney.

It retells ‘Rapunzel’ in a Renaissance Venice setting, entwining the fairy tale with the dramatic true-life story of the 17th century French noblewoman who wrote the tale as it is best known, Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de la Force. She was second cousin to Louis XIV, the Sun King, and a maid-of-honour at the royal court in Versailles. She wrote her story ‘Persinette’ while locked away in an impoverished convent by the king, as punishment for her wild and wicked ways (which included dressing up as a dancing bear to try and rescue her much younger lover). 

BITTER GREENS  took me seven long years to research and write, including the four years that it took complete my doctorate. 

As the theoretical component of the degree, I also wrote a 30,000-word dissertation on the history of the Maiden in the Tower tale, examining why this tale haunted my imagination above all others, and why it has continued to be told and re-told for so many hundreds of years.

I am very glad and proud to announce that my doctoral dissertation is to be published in book form by the wonderful people at FableCroft.

THE REBIRTH OF RAPUNZEL: A MYTHIC BIOGRAPHY OF THE MAIDEN IN THE TOWER will also include a number of essays and articles on fairy tales and folklore. 

FableCroft said, in their press release: “This unique collection will include Kate’s research on the Rapunzel story that underpinned her stunning, award-winning novel, BITTER GREENS … The book is not your usual reference work, but an wonderful exploration of the subject matter, written in Kate’s clever and engaging style.” 

FableCroft have released both a hardcover print edition as well as an accessible ebook version, with cover art by Kathleen Jennings.


You can buy the book now! I hope that you  find the book a fascinating companion book to BITTER GREENS


Spikeabell commented on 11-Jan-2016 04:08 PM
I will look forward to that, so glad it is being published!
Catherine Borchmann commented on 27-Aug-2016 10:15 PM
Looks like it's right down my alley. I'm a retired French teacher and have spent countless hours tracking and reading arcane sources. Having slogged through medieval French, countless legends and fairy tales for papers, I can appreciate the time and energy you have put into this Those saucy French salonnières and frustrated bright girls whose families kept them bottled up would have been thrilled at the validation.
Kate Forsyth commented on 29-Nov-2016 05:26 PM
I love your description as the counteuses as 'saucy salonnieres', Catherine - its perfect! I do hope you both get a chance to read THE REBIRTH OF RAPUNZEL & that you find it utterly fascinating :)

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