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THE 50/50 PROJECT: Flying in a hot air balloon

Thursday, April 20, 2017

As you may know – if you read this blog a lot – I have a list of things I want to do one day that I call The 50/50 Project.

Last year was my 50th birthday and so I set out to make as many of these dreams come true as possible.

One utterly magical thing I did was ride in a hot air balloon over the chateaux of the Loire Valley with my friend Susie Stratton.

We were up early and had to try and find our way to a field in the middle of nowhere with a navigation system that only recognised major roads. Somehow we made it in time, and watched in fascination as the balloon was inflated with fiery bursts of gas.

Then up, up and away we floated!


It was a bright clear day, and our balloon drifted over meadows and rivers and gardens and castles. 

We finished drinking champagne and eating croissants in the middle of a wildflower meadow. 

It truly was a marvellous adventure!

I just need to try and work it into a book one day …

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