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A fairy-tale infused historical novel for adults set in the late 18 th century, moving between Imperial China and France during the ‘Terror’ of the French Revolution, and inspired by the true story of a quest for a blood-red rose.

The novel will draw upon ‘The Blue Rose,’ a fairy tale set in China about a quest for an impossible rose.


This is the course for anyone writing a novel that explores cobwebby corners of the past, or a murder mystery set in an old mill, or a historical romance with a heroine from the present day, or a retelling of an ancient myth, or a story brimming over with magic … or any story at all that is filled with suspense, romance, wonder and surprise. This masterclass workshop celebrates books that people actually want to read, books that keep the reader turning pages long into the night. It is for anyone who has ever wanted to write genre fiction, whether it be historical fiction, murder mysteries, fantasy, romance or narrative non-fiction such as memoir. The masterclass will concentrate on:

  • The Writer’s Journey – turning ideas & inspiration into a book
  • Creating Character and understanding emotional arcs
  • The Building Blocks of Stories – and how to put them together
  • Writing That Sings
  • The Art of Editing