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A fairy-tale infused historical novel for adults set in the late 18 th century, moving between Imperial China and France during the ‘Terror’ of the French Revolution, and inspired by the true story of a quest for a blood-red rose.

The novel will draw upon ‘The Blue Rose,’ a fairy tale set in China about a quest for an impossible rose.

The Gypsy Crown

The Gypsy Crown

Cover art by Jeremy Reston

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Maggie has given them the first charm - an old gold coin - but Luka and Emilia must escape the brutal thief-taker, Coldham. With a horse, a monkey, a dog, and a huge brown bear in their train, it is hard to travel secretly as they flee across the Surrey countryside.

With a little bit of luck - or, as Emilia believes, magic - they manage to escape, but Coldham will not give up so easily.


Once there was a gypsy queen who wore on her wrist a chain of six lucky charms - a golden crown, a silver horse, a butterfly caught in amber, a cat's eye shell, a bolt of lightning forged from the heart of a falling star, and the flower of the rue plant, herb of grace. The queen gave each of her six children one of the charms as their lucky talisman, but ever since the chain of charms was broken, the gypsies had been dogged with misfortune.

It is even worse for the Finch tribe - they have been thrown into gaol with only three weeks to live. The only members of the family to escape are thirteen-year-old Emilia and her cousin Luka, who have been entrusted to find the six charms and bring them together again. What Emilia and Luka do not realise is that there is a price to be paid for each lucky charm, and that the cost may prove too high...

The Gypsy Crown - Paperback

  • 'A real rollicking adventure!' THE GYPSY CROWN was chosen as the children's book of the month by Gateway Monthly, an online literary magazine.
  • 'Kate Forsyth provides a vivid view of the aftermath of the English Civil War' - Write Away.
  • 'Scholastic have a good book here, that the Bookbag recommends strongly' - The Book Bag website.
  • Review of Gypsy Crown by School & Library Marketing Reviews

In the UK, the US & Canada, The Gypsy Crown has been condensed into one book.


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