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A fairy-tale infused historical novel for adults set in the late 18 th century, moving between Imperial China and France during the ‘Terror’ of the French Revolution, and inspired by the true story of a quest for a blood-red rose.

The novel will draw upon ‘The Blue Rose,’ a fairy tale set in China about a quest for an impossible rose.

The Pool of Two Moons


Cover art by Spike Wademan

  • Title: The Pool of Two Moons
  • Series: The Witches of Eileanan Book 2
  • First Published: 1998
  • Publisher: Random House
  • ISBN: 0091835291

Rumours in the countryside tell o' a prophecy - they say a winged man will come to save the land, bearing the lost lodestar in his hand. He shall come with the dragons at his shoulder and all the powers o' sorcery at his command...

A gripping story of magic and adventure, The Pool of Two Moons is the sequel to Dragonclaw.


As Eileanan nears its darkest hour, Meghan must gather rebel forces to move upon the city of Lucescere. There, the Rìgh lies near death and the Banrìgh, Maya the Ensorcellor and her babe stand to inherit his power. To end Maya's brutal reign and bring magic out of the shadows, what was broken must be brought together: Twin sisters who have never met ... three parts of an enchanted key ... and the winged man with the powers of the lost Lodestar...

"On the eclipse o' the two moons, all will be healed or broken, saved or surrendered ..."